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As I go through the various stages of life, I know I can always go to Lea Ann and say "How do we fix this?" Whether it be anything from nails, hair, or wellness, I know I can reach out to her anytime and she will be there with options and advise. I trust the advice that Lea Ann provides, and not only do I trust her advice, my husband who is a pharmacist values her wellness suggestions. She is always at the top of her game and knows just what to recommend and what product will work best for any situation.
I wanted my daughters wedding day to be perfect, and I knew that Lea Ann  would be able to help me make that happen. Lea Ann traveled over six hours to come and pamper all of us and make sure everyone looked wonderful an felt good about themselves. Lea Ann goes above and beyond to make sure everyone in her life feels important, and I am so lucky to have found an life-long friend in her..........................Pam Waltmire