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Your health and safety are our first concern.

  • Please do not enter until you call us first.
    Give us your name an number. We will call you when we are ready to have you come in.
  • We are taking your temperature upon entering.
  • Put on your mask before entering. If you don't have one we will provide one
  • Go straight to the sink and wash your hands. You can then pick a polish or proceed to your designated service station.
  • Do not bring water, coffee, food from an outside source. We will provide you with coffee, water and tea.
  • Please don't hang around. Until we get over this and as much as we would love for you to have conversations with other guests we will need you to leave when your service(s) are complete.
  • Refrain from texting and talking on  your cell. This will slow up our process and hold up the next client.